One-on-One Teaching

At Learning Wins we are passionate about helping our students learn and succeed. Since we opened 8 years ago, we have helped hundreds of students improve their knowledge and find confidence in the subjects we teach. Our mission statement is to help our students have constant Learning Wins in whatever they are learning.  


At Learning Wins we cover the basic subjects covered in school - Math, English, Science, and History. Our goal is to help each student succeed in their classes or in their homeschool courses. We meet with the student on a weekly basis. Depending on the student's needs we can meet from 30 minutes to 3 hours in a week. Each session the student will give us the materials/standards they want to be covered and explained. 

We ask that the students send their tutor the materials/standards before class to ensure that the tutor is able to prep before the session and he/she can be fully prepared to tutor them on the subject. We then break down the concepts simply and expound on them. One of our values is to always have the student teach us what we have taught them to guarantee that they have a solid understanding of what has been taught. 

Piano Lessons

Piano teachers will be providing the materials and what each student should practice during the week. The students will meet with their teacher once a week for sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. In each lesson, the piano teacher will go over theory, scales, reading music, piano lesson workbooks, and their recital song(s). It is our goal to make piano lessons educational and fun for each student.


We teach you

We started a program that can teach you anything you need in education, including Math, English, Science, and History. We teach new concepts weekly to help you understand the subject you need on a deeper level so that you can come out on top. We teach and assign new material and follow up with you the following week so that you can improve in ways you never thought you could.

Learning Wins is an approved Vendor for these schools:

(Contact us if your school is not listed)


Granite Mountain Charter School, Mission Vista Academy, Blue Ridge Academy, Springs Charter Schools, Compass Charter Schools, Sage Oak Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School

Scheduling your sessions:

At Learning Wins we are open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm.  The schedule of each tutor/teacher varies depending on their availability.  You can register your student, email or call/text 909-315-2037 to find out what tutor would work best for your child and to finalize a time that works for both you and the educator.